Elite Dual Surface Exercise Mat

813ba78a28c3af357e85d0a6f718498d71a60b65Elite Dual Surface Exercise Mat Review:

I had the pleasure of using the Elite Dual Surface Exercise Mat. The first thing I notice was the thickness of the mat. I felt like it was a little bulky, but that’s because I’m use to most gyms’ super thin mats. Now I’m a big guy, the fact that the mat was a good size for me was impressive. As soon as I laid down on the mat, I immediately appreciated that thickness of the mat, so soft. You easily use it in outdoor and indoor workouts. Because of the dual sides, I wasn’t sliding all over place either.

I give the mat a 4 out 5 in my opinion


Pros: variety of sizes, thickness of the mat, softness of the mat, great for indoor and outdoor workouts, color varieties, double side surface for resists and comfort

Cons: bulky